“Why Jesus” poem #fbf

Here’s a video of me reading a poem that I wrote 12 years ago for a K-LOVE radio contest & uploaded to YouTube for submission. 😃

Why Jesus? poem

I wrote this poem 11 years ago for a contest that K-LOVE radio was having. I created a video to read and post to YouTube. You can see the video at the end of this post.

You ask me “Why Jesus?”

So here is my story

To thank him for what he’s done for me

And give him all the glory

I came before the Lord, broken & ashamed

My sins had made me dirty & left a crimson stain

But God in his infinite love already had a plan

To send his son to die on the cross

And save the souls of man

He welcomed me with open arms

And cleansed me, white as snow

His spirit is now within me

Wherever I may go

I found his promises are true

And his love will never cease

He is our counselor, mighty God

Everlasting Father & Prince of Peace

Tiffany Brown 2010

My Testimony: From addict to free

Seven years ago, I made a post on Instagram and Facebook praising God because He delivered me from smoking and a 20+ addiction to pornography and erotica. Shortly afterwards, a family member sent me a private message rebuking me and made me feel bad. So, after that, I stopped sharing my testimony and sticking with the little everyday miracles that God was doing in my life. 

Well, I’ve since learned that the enemy is a sneaky little devil and will use anyone, especially family, to stop you from being used by God. I also know that men aren’t the only ones who struggle with this issue and that if my testimony can help others then I’m willing to share it. I’m not proud of my past, but I do know that God exists and that He can take what the enemy meant for evil and use it for good. 

I shared my testimony in more detail in this blog post from 2014 if you want to learn more. 😊