Gratitude poems via the Gratitude app

Hey, check out this awesome article I found on the Gratitude app to bring some extra shine to your day! Sent from the Gratitude app.

Why Jesus? poem

I wrote this poem 11 years ago for a contest that K-LOVE radio was having. I created a video to read and post to YouTube. You can see the video at the end of this post.

You ask me “Why Jesus?”

So here is my story

To thank him for what he’s done for me

And give him all the glory

I came before the Lord, broken & ashamed

My sins had made me dirty & left a crimson stain

But God in his infinite love already had a plan

To send his son to die on the cross

And save the souls of man

He welcomed me with open arms

And cleansed me, white as snow

His spirit is now within me

Wherever I may go

I found his promises are true

And his love will never cease

He is our counselor, mighty God

Everlasting Father & Prince of Peace

Tiffany Brown 2010


My grandfather and me

Since tomorrow is Father’s Day, I wanted to share this poem I wrote for my grandfather on Father’s day while he was in the hospital. He passed away in 2006, then I lost my dad a year later in 2007. I created a tribute page for him that you can view at the link below this post. 🙂

I wrote this poem for you to tell you how I feel
that you are very special to me and that one day I hope you will
Know how much you mean to me and though I’ve sometimes let you down
I want to see your smiling face and always need you around
You have always been there for me through the toughest times
And now you are hurting and no one knows why
My heart is full of sadness to see you feel this way
You are always in my heart and every night I pray
That God will take away your pain and bring you back home
to where you belong and to never feel alone
I love you very much and I wanted you to know
that my heart is always with you where ever you may go.

by Tiffany Brown