Grimm Brothers A Novel Journal

After having my brothers Grimm journal for over 3 years that I found at Ollies for $2.99 and not knowing what I wanted to do with it, I decided that I wanted to practice my penmanship using my new fountain pens and inks. To practice, I’m writing out the opening quotes that were used in the Grimm TV show 😁

Here’s my 1st page. I made a couple mistakes and it’s not the greatest but that’s what practice is for.

The pen is a caligraphy pen from Speedball calligraphy and the ink is Country Roads, WV from Colorverse

Carousel Fountain Pen from Ferris Wheel Press

I got a new fountain pen in the mail last night that I ordered from Pen Chalet. It’s a part of the carousel design from Ferris Wheel Press. It came in 6 different colors and I got the one in French Vanilla. It’s such a pretty pen and writes beautifully. I also love that it also has a carousel design on the nib. 🎠😁

Carousel Fountain pen from Ferris Wheel Press
The box design is so pretty 😍

If you want to check it out, I’ve linked it below. It’s not affiliated. I just wanted to share this pretty pen.

French Vanilla Carousel pen

Here’s a link to the site where I ordered it from

Pen Chalet

Finally got my car back

After 6 weeks of being in the collision repair shop, I finally got my car back. I hit a deer back in December and I had to take it to the shop on January 9th. They finally got it finished and called me today. So very happy!

The pictures on the top is what it looked like after my accident & the ones on the bottom is what it looks like now! 😁 they also detailed the inside – cleaning the carpets and wiping everything down 👍