“Let My People Go!” The Hebrew Might Surprise You… – ONE FOR ISRAEL Ministry

The phrase, “Let my people go”, aside from evoking the dulcet tones of Louis Armstrong, has a wonderful meaning in Hebrew.
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This was interesting to learn 😁

A St. Patrick’s Day Prayer for Blessing

In 433 A.D., history tells us that St. Patrick was praying for God’s divine protection in his work and ministry in Ireland while facing powerful enemies. He wrote this prayer called St. Patrick’s Breastplate, which is still widely known and recited today. Happy St. Patrick’s Day, may God’s favor and blessing cover you this day, and every day.

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7 Prayers from Psalms to Calm Coronavirus Anxiety

There’s so much in this life we can feel anxious about, even when we know truth and believe God’s in control. If you’ve found yourself there recently, especially in the midst of this global Coronavirus pandemic, here’s hope from God’s word. The Psalms offer countless verses of real-life struggles and prayers for God’s peace and covering.
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