The World Is Watching: Speculation of September 24 Catastrophic Event Sends Many Into Panic — Charisma News

This includes—of all things—an episode of “The Simpsons” and John F. Kennedy Jr. What?

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I’m sorry, but this stuff annoys me & gets my blood boiling 😡😤 you don’t believe the news. DON’T. You don’t trust the government. Fine. You want to be prepared. Be prepared. But stop taking stuff out of context & placing fear where fear does not belong. I hate conspiracy theories like this and I’m done listening to it!! If we are children of the living God, we don’t live out of fear. We are supposed to live out of faith. And I refuse to listen to anyone who spreads fear & panic!!

“He meant to say Feb. 24, which was the first day of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. He corrected it later for the record, but the correction did not matter.

Someone took the video clip of him saying Sept. 24, cut out the context around it and shared the soundbite on social media, where it caught digital “fire” and spread across the world extremely fast online. The damage had been done, and then others started to pile on.”

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