Some snow pictures from 1/6/22, Charleston, WV

I wanted to share some pictures that I took at my office before I left work and then some pictures i took this evening from around my apartment building. It’s the first snow of the season and as much as I love looking at it, I hate driving in it. ❄️🌨

Outside my office
The alley outside the window by my desk
The main road outside my apartment building
The tree outside my bedroom window

Town of Bramwell, WV Ghost Walk #tbt

The organization that I work for hosts a Ghost Walk through the historical town of Bramwell, WV & I got to attend 2 of the walks in 2009 & 2015. The first time I went was with my best friend’s mom, because my friend was sick and couldn’t go. So her mom went in her place. Then I got a chance to go again in 2015, this time with my best friend. I had a lot of pictures to share, so I created 2 slideshows from both walks.

The tickets sold for the ghost walk benefited the Children’s Home Society of WV We Can mentoring program and the town of Bramwell