Grease on Broadway #fbf

Slideshow of pictures from my NY Grease on Broadway trip

13 years ago I got the opportunity to take a bus trip to NYC and see Grease on Broadway. Derek Keeling, who played Danny & whom I was able to get a picture with, was a graduate of Winfield High School and it was some people from his school that put together this day trip on a bus to see him perform. A local news reporter went with us, so after the show was over we got to talk to the cast members & ask questions.

It was a really fun experience and the picture of me posing with the Barbies was after the event. They gave us a couple hours to go sightseeing and I thought it was cool that I found the Grease Barbies. 😁

The last picture was at the end of the day, right before we were getting ready to head back home. I look mad, but I was just really tired and wanted a picture with the poster! 🙈🤣

I was saddened when I learned that Derek Keeling passed away in December of 2018. I’ve included an article from my local newspaper talking about it.