Taylor’s Eyes

I wrote this poem in 2006 in honor of American Idol winner Taylor Hicks. I came across it 2 years ago when I was going through some old files on my computer and since they just announced the 2021 winner, I thought I would share it. 😁

Taylor’s Eyes

They say the eye’s are the “window to the soul”

And I believe that it is true

Your eyes shine so bright

And reveal the wonderful soul in you

This wonderful and awesome person

that is held deep within

And I begin to wonder

How do I begin

To describe this angel of God

and his sweet soulful way

To bring so many people to come and share

his victory each and every day

I pray that you will never change

and that your heart is always filed with love

You truly are a blessing to others

and I believe heaven’s light is shining on you from above