Hello fall! This week’s planner spread

My mini happy planner spread for this week. I used patterned scrapbook paper from a pad I bought from Michaels and paired it with and older fall sticker book from the happy planner and the sticker figure girls.

This week’s planner spread

For this week’s planner spread, I used the new stickers from Planners Anonymous that I just got in the mail called Bon Voyage. I decided to use the non traveling stickers in the set, since I’m not planning on going anywhere anytime soon. I’ll save those for whenever I do get the chance to go somewhere 😁

This week’s planner spread, another Freddie Mercury tribute

I was inspired by the Freddie Mercury birthday spread I did in my planner last year – his birthday is the 5th – that I decided to do another one this year. I paired the printable stickers that I ordered from Etsy with some scrapbook paper and the functional sticker book from the Happy Planner 😁

Freddie Mercury Birthday spread in my planner

One of my favorite Happy Planner spreads that I did last year in honor of Freddie Mercury birthday on the 5th of September. I had used a watercolor technique that I learned from one of the squad members and wanted to try it out. I paired it with some stickers that I purchased from Etsy. 😁

This week’s planner spread

For this week’s planner spread, I used the @plannersanon by @craftsmithco Book Lover sticker book from @michaelsstores along with some extra bits from last year’s Books and Botanicals kit 😊📚🌼🌸

Book Lover Sticker book – https://www.michaels.com/craft-smith-planners-anonymous-book-lover-sticker-book/10656166.html

The Happy Planner website – http://thehappyplanner.com