Happy Birthday Matthew

This is a birthday poem I wrote for my favorite actor, Matthew Gray Gubler.

I pray your birthday is filled with lots of love and laughter

that will leave you with memories that you will treasure forever

You have a beautiful heart that deserves to be treated right

so that you will never lose that inward, shining light

Your love for your fans is something to be admired

and I only have one wish and one desire

To have the chance to meet you one day

and tell you all the things i want to say

You hold a special place in my heart that I will always cherish

So i hope and pray that you get your special birthday wish

Written February 2015

Below is another birthday poem that wrote!

1 Peter 5:7-8 prayer poem

This is a prayer poem I wrote 4 years ago while doing a bible study and it’s based on 1 Peter 5:7-8.

Lord when temptations come & life feels out of control
Remind me to look to you, the Lover of my soul
You know me better than I know myself
It is only in you that I will find my rest
The enemy prowls around seeking someone to devour
I need to be on my guard, each and every hour
He wants to kill, steal and destroy the hope I find in you
But I know that with you by my side, i will get my breakthrough
You are my shelter & fortress, in you I can stand
You hold my very life in the palm of your hand
You care for me deeply, because I am your daughter
Bought by the blood of your son & cleansed by the water
I love you Lord because you first loved me
and in your arms I’ll always be
safe and secure no need to fret
Because your have not failed me yet.

by Tiffany Brown


Photo by Steve Johnson on Pexels.com

Time has cast a timely spell

upon my heart

And I feel that if I don’t tell you

how I feel

Then soon we will depart

For life is so impatient

and waits for no one

It keeps ticking and ticking

until the job is done

What can I do

but sit and wait

For time to slow down

or for our ending fate

I must tell you now that I love you so

and hope you feel the same way

For if I don’t tell you in the here and now

It may be too late!

By Tiffany Brown


Photo by Achraf Alan on Pexels.com

Stars dancing in the moonlight

over the restless waves

In the south of Florida

and near the ocean caves

I hear the distant sound

of the trees blowing in the wind

And I see the water

flowing in and out again

The breeze of the air

filled with a salty smell

and see a star fell

I wonder where it’s going

I wonder where it’s been

I wonder if I’ll ever see

A sight like that again

By Tiffany Brown


Photo by bruce mars on Pexels.com

To be able to hold you close to me

Would be my wildest fantasy

Just to hold you and feel your loving embrace

To kiss your lips and touch your sweet, sweet face

Your eyes tell the story of….

A person with fulfilling and undying love

Your voice is like angels singing heaven’s song

With every word you can’t do wrong

My love for you will never end

I really love you and want to be your friend

Only in my wildest dream can we be so much more

I’ve never had these feelings for anyone else before

If only I could share these feelings with you

And make all my dreams come true

But until then my feelings for you I will keep

For every night when I close my eyes to sleep

by Tiffany Brown