My 2nd birthday #tbt

Since my birthday is next Tuesday and this picture showed up in my memories today, I wanted to share it for Throwback Thursday. I lost my grandmother in 2018 & I love this picture of us from my 2nd birthday. ☺️

In memory of my grandmother

My grandmother passed away the day before July 4th in 2018 and I made this memorial page for her in my Happy Planner. I included some family pictures. I also found stickers that represented her favorite things and reminded me of her.

Jo Ann Walker 4/8/27 – 7/3/18

I wrote the following poem and read it at her funeral. I also included it on my page.

I wrote this little poem to say how much you mean to me 
I’ll miss your love for chocolate milk, Judge Judy and jeopardy 
You were always there for me 
whenever I needed you
You always made me feel better 
whenever I was feeling blue 
Your love for history 
made you the perfect candidate 
To help me with my school projects, 
so they would not be late 
You were a very strong woman, 
one whom I admire 
Your knowledge, wisdom and generosity are some things to which I aspire 
It really hurt to see you suffer, 
you just wanted the pain to cease
I’m sad to see you go, 
but I’m glad you are finally at peace 

by Tiffany Brown

A gift from my dad

My dad gave me this Bible on my 15th birthday, the same year that I became a Christian and I shared it 6 years ago on the 10th year anniversary of his passing. I thought it was really cool that it showed up today in my memories the day after Father’s Day this year. I especially love his inscription to me in the last paragraph, “whenever you need me, I’ll be here for you and when I can’t be just remember Jesus is in your heart now, so you can talk to Him!!”

The Bible says in Psalm 68:5 that God is “A father to the fatherless, a defender of widows, is God in his holy dwelling.” (NIV) So, I’m grateful that even though my earthly father is no longer with me, I still have a Father in Heaven who looks over and cares for me! 🥰🙌

My Brother’s Birthday

My brother, Gabriel, just turned 22 on Friday and we went out to the Farm Table restaurant for dinner. It was nice. I got stuffed as always. This picture was taken last year of the restaurant.. no recent photos of it. But you get the idea.

This is a particial picture of a wall mural from inside the restaurant.

Here’s a picture of my brother and me

This is a picture I took in the back part of the restaurant. It’s set up kind of 60s style. This is a cool picture of an Elvis picture on the wall with his singles.

The following are some pictures taken at my grandmother’s house after we got done eating dinner. These are of the cake, and some of his birthday cards and gifts.

This is a picture of the new go phone he got

This is the sketchbook journal I gave him, since he likes to draw. I also gave him a 3 pack of pocket-sized blank books as well.

Here he’s holding the card I gave him

And, here is a picture of the cake.