My 2021 OLW

A couple years ago when I first joined the Happy Planner community I learned about this concept of picking one word to focus on in the upcoming year that would cover multiple areas of your life instead of making a bunch of resolutions that we most likely will never keep.

I had chosen a word for 2019, but did not keep up with it. I don’t remember what it was honestly because I didn’t really put much effort into it. Probably because I had lost my grandmother in 2018 and fell into deep depression and anxiety. So when 2020 was quickly approaching and after seeing a counselor for several months, I thought about revisiting the one little word concept again.

After praying about it and watching videos of people who had chosen their words for the year, I kept feeling a tug towards the word “perseverance.” So this time I decided that I was going to stick with it and see how it played out. I invested in my word by having a custom necklace and bracelet made with my word on it. I ordered a hand lettered printable that I was able to add to the beginning of my planner. I also made a visual reminder of my word to hang on my bulletin board, pictured below.

Little did I know that 2020 would be a crazy year with a pandemic canceling a lot of plans. But, because I am a Christian and had been praying about my word, I believe that God in His infinite wisdom and mercy, knew that I would need that word in 2020.

Which brings us to 2021 and the word I have chosen. I had several words that I wanted to pick and couldn’t decide on until after I took several quizzes that confirmed one of the words I had picked. That word is BELIEVE!

I chose that word because there are several promises that God has given me and even with a pandemic still happening in 2021, I believe that He will still fulfill His promises in my life.

I want to believe His word above all things. I also want to believe in myself and my abilities. I want to believe that there is still goodness left in the world and we just have to be open to look for it.

Do you also do the One Little Word challenge? If so, I would love to hear about it in the comments. And if you’re not familiar with the concept and would like to learn more, you can check out Ali Edwards website here, Ali Edwards