Tribute to my grandmother

pictures of me with my mom and grandmother when I was little

Jo Ann Walker 4/8/27 – 7/3/18

I wrote the following poem to read at her funeral

I wrote this little poem to say how much you mean to me
I’ll miss your love for chocolate milk, Judge Judy and jeopardy
You were always there for me
whenever I needed you
You always made me feel better
whenever I was feeling blue
Your love for history
made you the perfect candidate
To help me with my school projects,
so they would not be late
You were a very strong woman,
one whom I admire
Your knowledge, wisdom and generosity are some things to which I aspire
It really hurt to see you suffer,
you just wanted the pain to cease
I’m sad to see you go,
but I’m glad you are finally at peace

by Tiffany Brown

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