My Brother’s Birthday

My brother, Gabriel, just turned 22 on Friday and we went out to the Farm Table restaurant for dinner. It was nice. I got stuffed as always. This picture was taken last year of the restaurant.. no recent photos of it. But you get the idea.

This is a particial picture of a wall mural from inside the restaurant.

Here’s a picture of my brother and me

This is a picture I took in the back part of the restaurant. It’s set up kind of 60s style. This is a cool picture of an Elvis picture on the wall with his singles.

The following are some pictures taken at my grandmother’s house after we got done eating dinner. These are of the cake, and some of his birthday cards and gifts.

This is a picture of the new go phone he got

This is the sketchbook journal I gave him, since he likes to draw. I also gave him a 3 pack of pocket-sized blank books as well.

Here he’s holding the card I gave him

And, here is a picture of the cake.

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